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Welcome to Law Talk with the Flock by Goosmann Law Firm! Do complex legal issues hold you back, preventing you from meeting your goals? Let’s get energized and bring clarity to your top legal questions. We are here to help you win disputes, protect your wealth, and spend time on what’s worth it. Our episodes address topics from business deals, complex litigation, finance, employee issues, divorce and family matters, estate planning, and real estate. Jeana Goosmann, CEO, Lawyer, Author, and Woman Business Owner serves as your host. She helps navigate you through the law, business problems, and life as a leader. Jeana Goosmann is joined by other Goosmann attorneys and guests who are gurus in their industry. Our short segments make it easy for business leaders and busy people everywhere to listen. Get ready to feel motivated to meet your goals and tackle your legal problems! We are happy attorneys making the law fun – join us! For more information about the law and our team, visit Please read our full Podcast DISCLAIMER at
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