Law Talk with the Flock

Best Practice for Firing Long-Term Employees

April 21, 2021 Jeana Goosmann, Kelsey Heino Season 2 Episode 10
Law Talk with the Flock
Best Practice for Firing Long-Term Employees
Show Notes

Goosmann Law Firm Omaha Employment Litigation Attorney Kelsey Heino and Host Jeana Goosmann talk about the best practices for how to fire long-term employees. 

In this episode they will discuss:

  1. What is considered a long term employee
  2. How to avoid wrongful termination and discrimination law suits when firing long-term employees
  3. Documentation to have in place before terminating an employee 
  4. Compensation rights for terminated employees 
  5. How Goosmann Law Firm can help navigate these difficult situations 

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